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How to install ddclient on Emlid Reach

You want to cast RTCM3 corrections with your Emlid Reach RTK GPS through internet but don't know how to do it ?

Most simpliest configuration will be to use ddclient. Ddclient takes your current ip and diffuse it to a most common name like my.rtk (doesn't exist ;-) website.

First I'm talking about this one (don't know about new one with plastic case because it doesn't use intel edison anymore) :

Then you have to connect to reach with ssh :

username : root
password : emlidreach

Download ipk package from official Intel Edison :

Update database :

opkg update
Install package :

opkg install ddclient_3.8.3-r0_core2-32.ipk
Wait, it will download dependencies packages. An that's it !

Enable service at boot :

systemctl enable ddclient
For configuration I have some ovh servers and a domain name ( so I use this guide to update my ip to easily find my emlid reach over internet :