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How-to run QGIS 2 and QGIS 3 at the same time in Archlinux or Manjaro

Since QGIS 3 was released, it's a nice and very pleasant upgrade. Unfortunately some plugins I use does still not work with Qgis 3 due to python upgrade from version 2 to 3.
It's possible to upgrade with tools like 2to3 (If interested, I suggest to watch Heikki Vesanto blog : ) but some plugins needs time to debug.

That's why, it's interesting during migration to have Qgis 2 and 3 at the same time in one computer. It's also possible to run Qgis 2 and 3 at the same time due to profile migration. They are not sharing same preferences folder so you are not breaking anything.
It's possible to have Qgis 2 and 3 running at the time with different way like Conda or Docker. But it's lightest to run it natively.

Archlinux/Manjaro is the Linux distribution I use. It have in my opinion a powerfull little thing called AUR (Arch User Repository) which automate installation of software. Furthermore, if y…