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Resume script back from hibernation with systemd for wifi problem

I wrote a simple article which I found in my own opinion usefull ! I still need user manual when I use systemd and I still remember init.d command :-/

Since systemd, I am in an annoying situation when my desktop computer come back from hibernation :
- Network is unresponsive, Network Manager icon on mate desktop show a disable network,
- Command line on desktop and tty are working but you could send a command but never get this command sending to system. It's like freezing but system is still here !

The only workaround in a first time is to detach my TP-LINK TL-WN722N and to reconnect it. No error message in logs about chipset of this usb wifi device which is from Atheros and uses ath9k driver.

Next step to debug is to simulate behaviour but the only thing what I can do is disable ath9k driver before hibernation and renabling them after resume.
For those how wanted to know commands are like that :
Before hibernation disable modules :
rmmod ath9k_htc
rmmod ath9k_common
rmmod ath9k_hw