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Adding Microsoft SQL server support in Qgis with Archlinux

Yesterday, I want to connect to a MSSQL Server with GIS support through VPN network until I realize it doesn't work. I use a modifying qgis-ltr aur package.
I've got this error :
[unixODBC][Driver Manager]Can't open lib 'FreeTDS' : file not found QODBC3: Incapable d'établir une connexion
If you want make it works, you have to add unixodbc and freetds packages. You could add them with :

pacman -S unixodbc
pacman -S freetds
Just edit this file :
And add this

Description = ODBC for FreeTds
Driver      = /usr/lib/
Setup       = /usr/lib/  Then just add a MSSQL layer in Qgis and it should work