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Install GDAL ECW Support in Archlinux / Manjaro

---- ENGLISH VERSION ---- French version is below


A quick note to install ecw support for gdal under Archlinux / Manjaro.
It's very simply to install software under Archlinux base, more than Ubuntu ou Mac Osx.

1) Install ecw :
yaourt -Syua libecwj2 These command install ecw lib revision 3.3. A quick search with find or locate show that is in /usr/lib/ It's a very important fact to install gdal later.

2) Gdal installation
It's common to install gdal with pacman but you cannot edit the PKGBUILD. So I recommand to use gdal-filegdb in AUR repository. This package does not include only gdb support but also other plugins like openjpeg and others.

 yaourt -Syua gdal-filegdb During the install, the process requires you to edit PKGBUILD. You have to choose yes and add this option to the build :
--with-ecw=/usr Validate and let the build ends

3) Verifying :
gdalinfo --formats | grep ECW
ECW -raster- (rw): ERDAS Compressed Wavelets (SDK 3.x)JP2ECW -raster,vector- (rw+v): ER…

MacPorts break my GRASS GIS 7.0 Yosemite installation

After installing the proper version of Python for running BlenderGIS, I would run a previous GRASS GIS Project but unfortunately It didn't want to launch !
I've got this common error :
arch: posix_spawnp: /opt/local/bin/pythonw2.7: Bad CPU type in executable
Well, I decided to make a new installation of GRASS GIS 7.0 by downloading it again from the official site : ... After waiting a few moment with my poor internet connection, my bad, the same error is present !
With my favourite search engine, I explore the web and found some things like in the official documentation ( ) settings new python's environments variables. By the way, I put this in my ~/.bash_profile :
export GRASS_PYTHON=/usr/bin/python2.7export GRASS_PYTHONWX=/usr/bin/pythonw2.7
It's different to the official common MacOsX GRASS GIS errors but GRASS 7 require python2.7. This procedure didn't work. 
In the descripti…